DAM Students and Alum

DAM Faculty        

DAM students and post docs

  • Amber Sprenger, Ph.D candidate

  • Tracy Tomlinson, Ph.D student

  • Sharona Atkins

  • Isaiah Harbison, Post Doc

DAM Alum

DAM Collaborators

  • Rick Thomas (University of Oklahoma)

  • Scott Gronlund (University of Oklahoma)

  • Tom Wallsten (University of Maryland)

  • Dave Huber (University of California, San Diego)



(Bottom photo)

Front: Tracy Tomlinson, Amber Sprenger, Isaiah, Harbison

Back: Walky Rivadeneira, Sharona Atkins,




Life in the DAM Laboratory.


    The memory and decision laboratory is equipped with 10 computer workstations. Six of these computers are used primarily for data collection purposes and are located in a subject running room adjacent to the main laboratory. The remaining two computers are used for writing reports, internet research, statistical analyses, and mathematical modeling. Most of our data is collected using a pair of experiment generating packages called DirectRT and MediaLab developed by Empirisoft, which enable rapid prototyping of laboratory tasks. The lab also has licenses for E-Prime, and does a fair amount of programming in Visual Basic 6.0 and C++.



    Although students spend considerable time in the lab collecting and analyzing data, writing reports, and studying, morale is atypically high. Weekly lab meetings provide for a highly interactive and collegial atmosphere, with delicious treats often provided by members of the lab. For a look at some recent favorites see below.



Molten chocolate cherry cake with cherry sauce (complements of chef Dougherty).